Thursday August 05, 2021
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SD354 - Whiskey Aint Workin

SD354 Whiskey Aint Workin


Written by Ronny Scaife and Marty Stuart and recorded by Travis Tritt and Marty Stuart, this song was released in 1991 and made it to #2 on the Billboard Country Music Chart. The song laments that the singer needs a woman because “…The whiskey ain’t workin’ anymore.” It’s a straight-ahead country swing chart that works wonderfully as a duet or you can sing it solo. Pat Carnathan and Hunter Keller clearly had a great time singing the song over Pat Carnathan and Jim MacDonald’s music.

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SD353 - She's Taken a Shine

SD353 She's Taken a Shine


This sweet country love song was penned by Greg Barnhill and Richard Bach and released by John Berry in 1996. It reached #2 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart. The song tells a story about a girl named Rosie who began to blossom when a man named Jessie started to frequent her diner. The song was produced by Pat Carnathan, who charted the singing call and played keyboards. The amazing Jim MacDonald added not only multiple guitar tracks, but some butter-smooth background vocals to augment the stunning lead vocal by Hunter Keller.

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SD352 - Roll the Dice

SD352 Roll the Dice


It’s no secret that the owner-producer of Shakedown Records, Pat Carnathan, is a huge Ronnie Milsap fan. This tune is the seventh Milsap tune to make it into the Shakedown catalog. This song was never released as a single, but it was track six on the album “Stranger Things Have Happened”. Pat’s always loved this song, but it needed something to really make the song stand out… And it was Mike Haworth’s background vocals once again. Another production out of the Bedroom Studios in Menifee, this song features a MIDI arrangement and keyboards by Pat Carnathan, with guitar work and engineering by Jim MacDonald. It’s a hard-core rhythm-and-blues country rocker that’s sure to rock the house!

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SD351 - My Baby's Got Good Timing

SD351 My Baby's Got Good Timing


This 1984 tune from the late Dan Seals peaked at #2 and was the second single from his album, San Antonio. It’s got a catchy lyrical hook, and callers will find it very easy to sing. As usual, Shakedown flat-out nailed the original song, and stunning background vocals by Mike Haworth really set this song apart. There’s a key change at the closer, and all but the band’s rhythm section backs out for the first 32 beats giving the caller a great opportunity to sing along with Mike’s backups. Recorded at the Bedroom Studios in Menifee, California, the MIDI arrangement and keyboards are the work of Pat Carnathan. Jim MacDonald’s guitar and engineering make this a showpiece tune.

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SD350 - Someone Could Lose A Heart Tonight

SD350 Someone Could Lose A Heart Tonight


Another tip of the hat to the late Eddie Rabbitt, this country shuffle was written by the songwriting team of David Malloy, Eddie Rabbitt and Even Stevens and released in 1981. The songs starts with some spooky background vocals, and the lyrics imply that “love” is sneaking around in the dark attempting to steal someone’s heart. As always, Mike Haworth’s spot-on vocals enrich the tune while arranger, keyboardist and producer Pat Carnathan sings the lead. Jim “Jimmy Mac” MacDonald’s guitar work is, as usual, amazing, but it’s his engineering work that makes this new Shakedown tune truly remarkable.

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