Thursday August 05, 2021
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On My Way

SD348 - On My Way

SD348 On My Way


From the 2003 Disney animated feature, Brother Bear, comes this happy song written and performed by Phil Collins. Though never released as a single, the song is featured prominently in the movie as the bear cub Koda joyfully sings about going to new places, meeting new friends, and sleeping under the stars. While the voice actor for Koda, Jeremy Suarez, sings the tune initially, it’s also sung by Phil Collins later on in the film. Pat Carnathan played the keyboard parts on this singing call and Jim MacDonald performed some truly amazing guitar work. During the closer, Mike Haworth plays banjo. The always-wonderful Hunter Keller sang the lead for us on this tune.


SD348 On My Way - Music Sample

SD348 - On My Way - Vocal Sample


  On My Way - Cue Sheet

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