Thursday August 05, 2021
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Life In The Fast Lane

SD343 - Life In The Fast Lane

SD343 Life In The Fast Lane


This classic by the Eagles was recorded in 1976. Based on a riff invented by Joe Walsh, the song tells of a couple taking their fast-living lifestyle to dangerous excesses. Despite only reaching number 11 on Billboard Magazine’s Hot 100, the song has displayed incredible staying power. It’s been covered by a number of acts, including Rascal Flatts, Garth Brooks and Williams Riley. Pat Carnathan and Jim MacDonald recorded the singing call in 2001, but the song stayed on the shelf for years while Pat sought a mechanical release to put the tune up for sale. Permission was obtained and now you can enjoy the song, too. Pat wrote the score and played the keyboard parts and Jimmy Mac did a spectacular job on the guitars as well as the background vocals. The package contains the music, music with background vocals, and Pat calling and singing with the background vocals.


SD343 Life In The Fast Lane - Music Sample

SD343 Life In The Fast Lane - Vocal Sample



  Life In The Fast Lane - Cue Sheet

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