Thursday August 05, 2021
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Pink Cadillac

SD346 - Pink Cadillac

SD346 Pink Cadillac


Bruce Springsteen’s 1984 classic was released as the B-side of the “Dancing in the Dark” record. Though it stayed on the charts for 14 weeks and peaked at #27, the song is a staple of The Boss’ concerts and one of the most frequently requested tunes. This singing call is based on the cover by the band Southern Pacific and it combines the straight-ahead rock of the original with a little bit of southern rock. Pat Carnathan arranged the tune and lent his keyboard skills while Jim MacDonald played several guitar parts and Ty Barnes played the drums. The singing call comes with a music track as well as a second track featuring amazing backup vocals by Mike Haworth, Shauna Kaaria and Vic Kaaria.


SD346 Pink Cadillac - Music Sample

SD346 Pink Cadillac - Vocal Sample



  Pink Cadillac - Cue Sheet

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