Wednesday March 03, 2021
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SD329 - On Broadway

SD329 On Broadway


The Drifters are the most widely-accepted artists on this song, though it's been covered a number of times by several artists. Written in 1963, the tune featured a young Phil Spector on the guitar. Fast forward to 1978 and George Benson's guitar-infused version hit number seven on the charts and earned him a Grammy Award for Best R&B Vocal Performance. "On Broadway" was released as a singing call in 1980 on Rhythm Records with Bobby Baier singing the vocal on a Wade Driver-produced tune. This singing call emulates the distinctive style of George Benson. Featuring and arrangement and keyboards by Pat Carnathan, guitars by Jim MacDonald and drums by Ty Barnes, hold on to your hat for a screaming key change going to into the closer!